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 Ventrillo Server up now 10 SLOTS!

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Ventrillo Server up now 10 SLOTS!  Empty
PostSubject: Ventrillo Server up now 10 SLOTS!    Ventrillo Server up now 10 SLOTS!  EmptyMon Aug 16, 2010 5:20 am

I've created this ventrillo for the server so we could be more like the other servers.

I'll send the IP in and all that stuff soon and (stoned dont' take care of this i'll pay for it)

Please be helpful and join the server and talk a lil' bit with us (WARNING READ THIS CAREFULLY)

When you enter the channel please use your Username (Or your ingame name)

If you're not useing your ingame name or username you'll get kicked from the channel

No mic spamming and all that shit speak nice respect GM's/members/admins


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Ventrillo Server up now 10 SLOTS!
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